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posters & flyers of all kinds

Kot Cuisine

Kot cuisine

Poster for a student cooking workshop of Erasmus College Brussels

ABC House for kids

ABC House for kids

Series of posters for the ABC House for kids Brussels

Release the muse

Release the muse

Posters for the Erasmus college events "Release the Muse"

London posters

Poster London

Design contest "Show Us Your Type"

Wish card

Wish card

Wish card 2012 for Sint Lukas Brussels college of art

Poster Phantogram

Posters Phantogram

Design contest on creative allies

Posters Stuvo

Posters Stuvo events

Series of posters for student events of Sint Lukas Brussels college of art and design

Poster Eudaimonia

Philip Vlemmings

Concert for his new album

Eudaimonia +32 495 47 16 60